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2018 tours! 

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2019 Tours!

* Jan 7-16, 2019 

Belize with Tikal Guatemala CLICK HERE

Double occupancy $1975.00 per person

Triple occupancy $1875.00 per person

Single occupancy $2350.00  per person

* Jan 18-27, 2019 

Costa Rica   CLICK HERE

Double occupancy  $1,975.00 per person
Triple occupancy  $1,885.00 per person, 
Single occupancy  $2,475.00 per person

* Feb 1-10, 2019 

Dominican Republic  

Itinerary and pricing coming soon

* Feb 12-21, 2019 

Panama (adults only)  

Itinerary and pricing coming soon

*May 30-June 8, 2019

Costa Rica (children & students welcome)  

Itinerary same as Jan tour

Prices coming soon

* Sept 24-Oct 7, 2019

Peru  (with Machupicchu, Lake Titicaca and Amazon Jungle) 

Itinerary same as June 2018

Prices TBA soon

Mexico June 2018!
Belize/Tikal '19
Costa Rica 2019
Dominican Rep. '19
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