What to Bring


Suggested Items to bring on your trip:


•Have a pen handy to fill out travel visas on the flight.  These need to
be presented upon arrival at the airport.

One MEDIUM suitcase per person and ONE carry on bag each.

Our space on the bus is VERY limited!  The overhead storage on
the bus is VERY small or non-existent.  Most people wish they

brought LESS by the end of the tour.  Remember that you have

to pack and re-pack whenever we change hotels.

•(Mexico only!) We will be visiting a small pueblo, where we will be able to donate items to villagers.  These people have very little and appreciate anything they are given.  In the past,we have taken items such as baby clothing, children's clothing, t-shirts, hats, small toys, school bags, candy etc.  You may want to think about including some of these things in your suitcase. You will be able to use that space for souvenirs on your trip home.  This is an experience you will never forget.

Include the following in your carry-on in the unlikely event that your luggage is lost:

   •Swimming suit
   •Change of clothing
   •Credit cards/debit card & cash (Traveler's Checks are nearly impossible to cash)

     --be sure to contact card company to let them know you will be traveling outside

     the U.S.  Also, if you use your debit card, change the pin # when you return home.
   •Photo ID
   •Any medications you must take
   •SNACKS!!!  (Candy, pop-tarts, granola bars, etc.)  
   •A couple of  ball point pens—you will need these to fill out forms on the plane.

Other suggested items to bring:

   •5-6 shorts, capris, etc.
   •7-8 shirts (Consider how many t-shirts, etc you may be purchasing on the trip.)
   •1-2 lightweight pants
   •Sweatshirt and/or light jacket for evenings (January/Feb tours)
   •Skirt or dress slacks IF church is on the itinerary
   •Swimming suit(s)

   •Journal to write about your experience.  We pack a lot into each day!

   •Umbrella or rain poncho

   •Comfortable walking shoes--be sure these are broken in.  Don’t wear brand new shoes!

     Sports sandals or tennis shoes are great.

   •Water shoes (not necessary but very nice to have while in cenotes or snorkeling)


   •Insect repellent (Those with DEET work best)

   •Aloe Vera Gel--in case of sunburn.

   •Hand sanitizer


   •Beach towel if you have room
   •Wet-wipes (Unless you enjoy being sweaty and dirty.)
   •Small purse or day pack
   •Pepto Bismol tablets &/or Imodium

   •Bandaids (mini first aid kit comes in handy)

   •Blow dryers, curling irons, hair clips (your hair may do whatever it wishes, so hats and

    visor are great

   •Travel alarm!

   •Small flashlight in case of power outage (very rare)

   •They do not have wash cloths in most places. You may want to bring

     something as a substitute.  You may be able to find disposable wash cloths.

   Note:  Sample sizes of shampoo, deodorant,  toothpaste, hairspray, etc. are good to take.  
    Pack items which may leak in zip-loc bags.

   •Garbage bag for dirty, stinky, damp clothes---we can find laundry facilities but

     sometimes this can be pricey.  If you want to wash clothing, you will have to do so in  

     your sink or shower.  In humid climate sometimes they don't dry all the way.

   •Camera and extra memory card; spare batteries. 

   •Bring money for meals not included, and souvenirs.  Also, there are some optional trips  
   that will be available on free days, ie. parasailing, more snorkeling, jet skis, car rental,

   canopy tours, etc.

    •Remember that you will need to buy a lot of bottled water, beverages, etc.

    •Check with your
cell phone provider to see if you want to use your own cell phone.  Be sure to check

      rates.  Data is VERY expensive so you will want to turn that off before you leave the U.S.

   •Regarding money--it is highly recommended that you bring $1 bills.  I usually include
    20-25 of these.  They come in very handy when you are in a place where it is hard to
    exchange money or where they have run out of change.  Also, I would not take anything
    larger than $20.00 bills.  Make sure they are in good condition--not torn or very faded as
    for some reason they do not like to accept these.  Bills do not need to be brand new, but
    they will not take them if they are torn at all or have any writing on them.  Also, don't

    bring any coins as they also do not accept these.

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What to Bring
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